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Creating efficient backup processes should be a crucial initiative for IT professionals in small-midsized businesses (SMB). This topic section provides administrators with up-to-date news and how-to information about backup software tools, online backup, disk-based backup and data reduction. In addition, this section takes a closer look at various backup tools such as replication, snapshots, reporting and testing. It also discusses strategies for protecting data housed in remote technologies, the benefits of continuous data protection (CDP) and how tape backup and libraries can provide cost-effective, long-term data storage for SMBs. More about Backup

Storage Management

Optimizing data storage management can yield advantages for small-midsized businesses (SMB). Checkout this topic page for news and how-to information for improving your ability to perform data storage management. Learn more about the benefits of tiered storage, remote storage and virtualization strategies as well as how to improve your organization's data compliance and archiving efforts. More about Storage Management

Storage Strategy

Developing effective storage strategies for the data center can be crucial for organizations of any size. This topic section specifically focuses on the storage challenges facing small-midsized businesses (SMB). Learn more about developing an effective strategy for the data center, including information about outsourcing storage and the various storage vendors offering SMB-level products. More about Storage Strategy

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and planning are critical to organizations of any size. Check out this topic section to learn about the latest technologies and strategies available to IT professionals in small-midsized businesses (SMB), including, virtualized disaster recovery, continuous data protection, online backup, application-aware storage, bare-metal restore and serverless backup. Get the latest news and how-to information about business continuity and disaster recovery planning to protect your company against data loss and ensure system continuity and availability. More about Disaster Recovery


While network-attached storage (NAS) provides many advantages for small-midsized businesses (SMB), it also presents many challenges. This topic section discusses strategies for addressing these challenges. Checkout this page for up-to-date news and how-to information about NAS clusters, hardware and appliances and management strategies. More about NAS


Small-midsized businesses (SMB) have traditionally stayed away from storage area network (SAN) implementations because of costs and complexities. This topic section discusses the latest technologies that are making SAN a viable option for SMBs including, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, host bus adapters and all-in-one SANs. Learn more about SAN design, routing, partitioning and management. More about SAN


Small-midsized businesses (SMB) have a unique set of challenges when it comes to addressing their storage needs. As a result, SMBs need to take a unique approach to selecting, implementing and utilizing storage hardware. Get the latest information and news surrounding storage hardware topics such as disk arrays, removable storage, disk drives and appliances. More about Hardware